Block pallets

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Block pallets

Learn something new every day More Info Pallets are rigid platforms created for use in manufacturing and shipping goods. Also known as shipping pallets, packing pallets, or skids, they are typically horizontal, but portable, and able to be used in packing, building, handling, housing, and moving bulk products as a single unit. A block pallet is a specific pallet that is created with blocks between or beneath pallet deck boards.

Also called a Manoj pallet, or four-way pallet, a block pallet usually consists of four to twelve blocks supporting wooden deck boards. They can range in length, as different sizes are required for different products. The lengths of the stringer boards used to make a block pallet are what determine its full length. Block pallet width is determined by the length of the pallet perpendicular to the stringer board length used. Block pallets can be created with partial or full, four-way entries.

This ensures that a pallet-jack can have access to it from any side, making it much easier to transport. The bottom deck of a block pallet can also vary significantly. Some bottom decks may have no bottom boards at all. Others may contain bottom boards that run parallel to its full base or deck boards. These boards help stabilize the skid's movement during transport by a front loader, forkliftpallet jack or other device. A custom block pallet is typically stronger than an ordinary stringer pallet.

By using both perpendicular and parallel stringer boards, they are recognized as creating a more optimal method of handling shipments. Four-way skids are often created from oak timberwhich provides additional strength. Improving the strength of a pallet can also be done through use of quality nails and select timber. During use, goods are typically strapped, shrink wrapped, or stretch wrapped to the pallet prior to shipping.

Pooled Wood Pallets

Then skids are weighed to ensure that delivery trucks are not overloaded with too much weight. After ensuring that the heaviness of the load does not exceed the truck's capacity, a skid can be loaded into the truck for transport and delivery.Wood block pallets are a durable, sustainable load unitization solution.

Great for automated material handling processes, block pallets offer a true four-way entry, saving on overall transportation, storage and material handling space. Millwood is committed to delivering the perfect wood block pallet for your needs. In addition to offering an assortment of standard sizes, we are able to custom-build to specifications our unit load lab has deemed ideal; this means the best, most secure and cost-effective load every time. With Millwood, you can count on a partner committed to helping you find efficiencies in your processes and reach sustainability goals.

A few of the products and services we offer to support this commitment include:. Videos Watch Now! Block Pallets Wood block pallets are a durable, sustainable load unitization solution. More than Just Wood Block Pallets, Millwood is an End-to-End Partner With Millwood, you can count on a partner committed to helping you find efficiencies in your processes and reach sustainability goals.

A few of the products and services we offer to support this commitment include: Wood Pallets: When we say pallets are at the heart of everything we do, we mean it.

Millwood produces nearly 16 million new and recycled hardwood, softwood and composite material pallets each year. Alternative Pallets: In addition to new and used wood pallets, Millwood offers a complete line of alternative material pallets for niche applications.

Alternative material pallets are designed and built to overcome the drawbacks of using traditional pallets for the storage and transportation of goods. Pallet Recycling: Millwood offers complete pallet recycling programs to retrieve, inspect, recover and remanufacture or repair pallets for customers who maintain their own pool of pallets. Our recycled pallet and recovery programs include green disposal processes that complement corporate sustainability initiatives.

Learn more Pallet View i. Pallet Management To get the most from your assets and reduce your supply chain costs, it is important to know what assets you own, where they are located and in what condition.While many purchasing and shipping managers find themselves in favor of one type of pallet over the other, there are a lot of factors to consider before choosing a block pallet vs stringer pallet for your products.

After all, pallets are a critical element responsible for safeguarding your products, making them easy to move, and keeping your production lines running. In fact, wood pallets are such a vital part of the supply chain that choosing the correct pallet design can make or break literally your shipments and storage.

The block pallet gets its name from the blocks that form its base. There are typically 9 blocks in a block pallet, with a solid wood block placed in each of the four corners, in the center of each side of the pallet, and in the center of the pallet itself to support the unit load.

Block pallets can be designed with or without bottom deckboards. Stringer pallets are the most commonly used pallets in the United States, and are so named because they use stringers to support the unit load. Uncover all the factors that put your supply and suppliers at risk.

Discover how you can minimize supplier impact, and what strategies you can use if things go wrong. There are several considerations when choosing between a block pallet design and a stringer pallet design. Here are a few of the things you should think about. Different products require different specification for both shipment and storage. In addition, some industries require specific pallet sizes and may require either block or stringer pallets for transport.

Lastly, your product may require a particular wood material for your pallets. While most pallets are made from southern yellow pine, heavier products may necessitate the use of hardwoodsand certain industries prefer pallets made from other woods. Where your product is being shipped is a major consideration when it comes to deciding between block pallet vs stringer pallet design.

While stringer pallets are the most commonly used pallets in the United States, other countries more commonly use block pallets. Additionally, different countries have different standard sized pallets. For example, will it need to fit through a standard doorway or will a forklift be available when your products get to their destination? Whether you choose a block pallet vs stringer pallet, it must be capable of supporting the weight of your product.

Be sure to think it through before you make a decision. We were fortunate to get ahold of a testing report that challenges that claim.

Each pallet was placed in the clamp tester with the horizontal boards running the length of the pallet, then the boards were positioned to apply pressure to the bottom of the stringer or blocks of each respective pallet.

Once each pallet was in place, it was clamped at PSI pump pressure and the pressure was increased until failure was noted, but did not exceed PSI. The test increased the height of the drop in 12 inch intervals to a height of 42 inches.

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For the test, a piece of wood was used to align each pallet so that it would be tested for a 45 degree angle of impact. In order to gauge the results, measurements were taken of the overall height of each sample pallet upon impact. Six block pallet tests dropped 18 inches got the following deformation measurements:.

First of all, this business was comparing two different types of pallets from two different manufacturers. Was it the pallet design that was flawed in the tests, or the manufacturer?This industry standard, shared wooden pallet is ideal for the loading, transport and display of goods in many industries including fast moving consumer goods, retail and fresh produce.

Its 4-way entry design offers greater efficiencies during transport and storage. Materials and Compliance Wood: quality timber from a controlled selection of different wood types, primarily kiln-dried Southern Yellow Pine Paint: water based Nails: either standard or stiff stock wire. A true 4-way entry ensures compatibility with all standard pallet jacks and forklifts, providing greater efficiency in pallet loading and unloading.

This also allows for free span racking in either direction. Dimensional accuracy makes it suitable for automated production and warehousing facilities, minimizing product damage and reducing downtime. Strength for the safe handling of heavy loads. Durability for consistent performance during handling, transport and pooling across the supply chain.

CHEP Store Fulfillment Solutions help you keep more of your fast-moving goods in front of your customers with increased on-shelf availability. CHEP platforms and services play a critical role within every leg and across every trading partner in the supply chain.

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As more businesses turn to their supply chain to improve financial, environmental and societal outcomes, our platforms and solutions provide even greater value. Improving the construction and handling of product loads inside your facilities begins with utilizing better platforms and processes. An efficient in-store operation delivers improved availability and more shopable stores.

Reduced set-up time on the shop floor, lower labor costs and quicker turnaround. A retail ready-solution provides higher brand exposure and store compliance. Eye-catching and visible — adaptable and shopable units for every store and product category. Our software-based process is customized, efficient and cost-effective. You may be introducing new packaging, or reconfiguring unit loads to optimize store delivery. We can help you find inefficiencies in your supply chain and fix them by collaborating with you to conduct Value Stream Mapping, a graphical depiction of your entire supply chain that identifies all product, platform and data flows.

Reducing product damage can be done efficiently and cost effectively. CHEP has the knowledge and tools to help you get it done. At CHEP, we use our unique scale, reach and data to enable our customers to get all the benefits of transport collaboration, cutting empty miles, wasted fuel and needless C02 emissions from their supply chain.

With an Environmental Impact Analysis, CHEP will find ways to help you eliminate waste, increase your efficiencies, lower costs and use more sustainable materials. We are the only pooled pallet supplier with a supplier diversity program. Our experience, vast number of business relationships and broad product offerings enable us to bring greater value to all parties.

The CHEP Carbon Neutral Platforms program maximizes the use of the most sustainable platforms and decreases your environmental impact even further.

CHEP can help with packaging and shipping innovation to reduce costs in multiple ways. CHEP's deep knowledge of pallets allows you to no longer spend time on pallet management. Explore investor information including earnings releases, stock information, annual reports and more. Pooled Wood Block Pallet 48 x 40 in This industry standard, shared wooden pallet is ideal for the loading, transport and display of goods in many industries including fast moving consumer goods, retail and fresh produce.

Pooled Wood Block Pallet 48 x inch pooled pallet for the manufacturing, distribution and transport supply chain.

We ensure no delay in production at times of seasonal or unexpected demand.

block pallets

We supply, deliver, collect and receive millions of CHEP platforms every day. Replenishment An efficient in-store operation delivers improved availability and more shopable stores.Direct Supply, Inc. In the shipping world, how do these two types of pallet differ? Derivatives of the EPAL pallet meet specific needs such as retail use or matching the standard American pallet dimensions. Measuring approximately 31 inches by In addition, the type of wood used must meet EPAL standards for strength, durability and mold prevention.

EURO pallet specifications. Due to its narrow width, EPAL-pallets allow for access through standard doors.

What is a Block Pallet?

Derivative storage, also known as pallet-wide containers, can accommodate the dimensions of the EURO-pallet. Two other popular EURO pallet sizes are closer to the standard American pallet size of 40 inches by 48 inches:. In contrast to EURO pallets, block pallets fall under less stringent guidelines. The wood type, nail choice and nail pattern can vary with this style of pallet. Therefore, no standard of quality can be assumed. Standard block pallets measure 39 inches by 47 inches and permit four-way entry in terms of handling.

The layout of the lumber in both parallel and perpendicular directions adds strength. The bottom deck board offers uni-directional, perimeter or overlapping base options. In determining the best pallet, each given application must be considered in light of the following:. The construction and specifications of the pallet must adequately support your product.

EURO pallets tend to use a slightly thicker boards. This increases strength over traditional block pallets. For further examples, a board thickness of 16 millimeters bears kilograms while 20 millimeters supports kilograms. Matching product weight against board strength helps determine the right pallet.

Plus, choosing the correct board strength delivers product and worker safety. A pallet arriving on site will be returned if storage proves an impossibility.

Traditionally, European pallets run slightly smaller than block pallets. For example, 18 EURO pallets versus 14 block pallets fit national transport standards, while 33 EURO pallets or 26 block pallets make an international transport load.

block pallets

However, generally speaking, these two types of pallets prove quite similar. Contact Direct Supply, Inc. Direct: EUR-1 Pallet Measuring approximately 31 inches by Direct Supply is always quick to respond to any of our needs. They are eager to please and in all the years we've worked with Anthony Direct Supplyhe has literally never let us down. I wish all my suppliers had this type of old fashion work ethic. Once the ball is in their court, I don't have to worry.

It's that simple. Direct Supply makes my job easier. Whatever I need, whenever I need it…they take care of it.These are the most common abbreviations.

Unfortunately there are also fake Euro pallets. These are Ewpallets one way pallet falsely marked with the abbreviation EUR without the ring around it. A false Euro pallet can be recognized by the thickness of the wooden planks. Outside these countries shipping goods on a Euro pallet is unwise because there is no exchange system and these Euro pallets should be considered lost.


This loss cannot be claimed at the Logistic Service Provider. A "blok pallet" is not an official pallet size within Europe. For Chep pallets there is an exchange system within the Netherlands. The freight forwarder is not responsible for pallets which were not swapped at the unloading address. There are exchange systems for gitterboxes in some countries.

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block pallets

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Blok pallet A "blok pallet" is not an official pallet size within Europe. Chep pallet For Chep pallets there is an exchange system within the Netherlands. NOTE: Content in the panels below this point are not visible on the site unless used by other features e.

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Okay, got it! How we use cookies. Read our Privacy Statement to learn how we use your data. This feature is unavailable unless cookies are enabled. Enable cookies? Agree Disagree.Usually stronger than stringer pallets, block pallets are constructed using both parallel and perpendicular stringers. That allows more efficient handling. Ask your Raymond Handling Concepts Sales Rep about block pallets along with the other types of pallets used in warehouse settings.

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Block and EURO Pallets

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Pallet Storage Solution.

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