Dual band j pole antenna

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Dual band j pole antenna

The picture shows the scheme of a J-Pole antenna. The point XX has an impedance of 50 Ohm for direct feed with a coax cable. I have built up the antenna for 2 m, 6 m, 12 m and 30 m. The table gives the values for experimenting with the other bands. Solder the braid of the Ohm-coax at the right X, the inner conductor to the left X. The classic J-Pole with both sections mounted vertically.

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The pattern is identical with a vertical dipole. Both parts horizontally mounted The "Zepp"-configuration The antennas were tested on 2 m, 6 m, 1 2m and 30 m.

For other frequencies use the following formula for insulated 2-mm-wires for L1. Not-insulated wires need a longer L1-section. F o MHz. The result of 10 Minutes work with the m-J-Pole, mounted on a fishing rod:.

The MHz-J-Pole. The lengths are for MHz and MHz. Attention: The mounting in a plastic pipe or with tape on a fishing rod will detune the antenna to lower frequencies and needs a little bit of correction! The same construction with Ohm-wire. The cut piece of wire between the parts A and B at the right side of the J-Pole. Both parts horizontally mounted The "Zepp"-configuration.

The antennas were tested on 2 m, 6 m, 1 2m and 30 m. The 2-m-J-Pole ready for use At the top is a hole for a rope. The antenna can be mounted in a tree or any other support.

The Vertical Sloping Dipole. Vertical 2x7m-Double-Zepp. The Battle-Creek-Special. The C-Pole. Rate this site. Both parts horizontally mounted. The "Zepp"-configuration.But what is it- how does it work- and most importantly- how can you use it. Both are great handhelds serving particular price points and market niches.

But the Ailunce HD1 is a little different. As the flagship of the Retevis line, the HD1is much less a commercial style radio destined for the amateur market, but […].

The 1. The RT3 was just a single band model.

J-Pole Antenna for 144/440 Dual Band by Ed Fong

In full disclosure, the people at Retevis did provide to me […]. The RT dual band mobile transceiver caught my eye. The form factor and features caught my eye, and […]. Checks and Money Orders.

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What People are Saying Beautiful. Works fabulously. Great product. Simple and effective. Very well built. Would buy again.

dual band j pole antenna

Will recommend to friends. With the top of the antenna less than 30 feet in the air, I get great signal reports from more than 25 miles away while running on a 5-watt HT. First Name:. Last Name:. Email Address:.Step-by-step instructions with photos can be seen below, following the project description and safety disclaimer. This is an excellent performing J-Pole type antenna, constructed from readily available materials.

No endorsement is intended here, but the only business in our location that had it was Fastenal. A hacksaw or reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade, as well as an electric hand drill and vise can be substituted if needed. And please : always wear safety glasses and other appropriate safety equipment for the job and exercise proper caution when using power tools.

Materials List:. Depending on the 2 meter and 70cm frequencies you choose for tuning your antenna, you might have to compromise a little. I got lucky, because I was using You might also need to slide the bracket with the two elements up or down to fine tune, so leave yourself some room for adjusting.

Antenna assembled and coax attached. By pure luck, my antenna just happened to be the right length to wedge between the top of my workbench and the ceiling of the garage. It needs to be standing upright for initial tuning. Remove the short element and tune for resonance, proper SWR and impedance on the 2 meter frequency first. Using an antenna analyzer, I was able to tune my antenna to 1.

I was shooting for You might also need to slide the bracket with the two elements up or down a bit for optimum tuning and performance. Optimally, you should adjust it with an antenna analyzer. I mounted my antenna in my attic by using a conduit clamp and two screws to suspend it from a truss. Then I used the analyzer to re-check the tuning, because nearby objects can affect the tuning. It turned out that I still had 1.

Build and Review – Dual Band J-Pole 144/440Mhz

Answer: incredibly well. In fact, I am hitting 2 meter repeaters at least 60 miles away with only 5 Watts of power, and 70 cm repeaters 30 miles or more away with the same amount of power. To make a long story short, this thing works even better than I had hoped for.

Set up as seen in this photo takes about 1 minute for one person to set up, and about 15 seconds to completely disassemble. It will easily fit in a trunk, behind a truck seat, etc.

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Testing on and around the 2 Meter band showed 1. Hi Dan; Built the dual band and it tuned and worked great. Also built a 1.Order Now! New "Snow Cone" - Protects the driven element from rain, snow, and ice!

Power Distribution Center Kit. Power Connector Kit PC5v2. J-Pole Antennas. Email to inquire. Unique custom-designed, high impact 3D-printed shoulder washer - rugged and waterproof - keeps water out of the connector.

Fits in a backpack, toolbox, or Go-Bag.

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Mounts also on camera tripod stainless steel set screws join the mast elements elements screw into bracket for portability. Connector and Bracket optional mounting holes shown. Pole-top Mount example Reflected Power - analyzer image from one actual antenna Chart shows average reflected power - less than db. Balcony Mount Example. The tap should guide itself in, but it must be perfectly vertical with respect to the bracket, in both dimensions. Visual inspection may good enough.

Use a small bit of tap oil on the tap to make it less likely to get bound up in the holes. Using the file, remove any burrs from the holes and bracket.

dual band j pole antenna

This taper will help the die start to cut the threads without binding. The number of threads is the number of complete revolutions of the die, count as you go. After the threads are cut, use a vise to hold the coupling nut. Screw the new threads on the rod into the coupling nut using some cutting oil to make sure the threads are straight and the rod is straight.

Adjust the rod a small bit at a time in each direction to straighten it, if it isn't straight.Home Account Downloads Ham Radio 2. We are proud to offer them a somewhat lower price. Ed and I worked out a deal where we could buy his antennas in bulk and offer them for the same retail price that he sells them for. Email or call us with any questions. This antenna comes with everything needed, except the PVC pipe, which is exactly the same way that Ed sells them online.

We'll also carry some of this PVC in the store for an extra charge - pre-cut to specifically fit this and other antennas. Maximum quantity exceeded. Minimum purchase amount of 0 items is Required. Maximum purchase amount of 0 is Allowed.

Manufacturer: Ed Fong Antennas. See the eham reviews at this link. If you are intersted in understanding how this antenna works and why it works so well, a complete explanation is given in the February QST. You can email me for a copy of the article. It is, as far as we know, a novel design. I am also more than happy to give a seminar to your ham group if you are looking for guest speakers via Skype or is you are within driving distance.

dual band j pole antenna

Email me for details at: edsantennas gmail. Antenna feedpoint is 10 inches above the connector. Thus U-clamps, hose clamps, etc. I got this for a back up antenna for the shack and was surprised how well it was all I did was put it together and mount it and when I check it it 1.

dual band j pole antenna

I have one of these and I am very impressed with it. Great Antenna - Thursday, September 25, Submitting Your Review, Please Wait. You must include a title, rating, and message in your review.

Related Products. Successfully Added to your Shopping Cart. Adding to CartJ Pole calculator Enter the operating frequency and calculate dimensions of your jpole antenna portable j-pole antenna A portable dual band j-pole antenna 2 Meter J-pole from Ohm Ladder Line Great first time J-pole project.

Covers most of the basics. This small and thin design also makes it good for several stealth applications. Here's the straight scoop on why the J-pole is not an easy antenna to duplicate! The J-Pole is an easy-to-build and inexpensive device that provides an omni-directional vertically polarised antenna without the need for a ground plane.

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J-Pole theory The J-Pole antenna is an omnidirectional antenna that can be used for base, mobile and field day stations.

It does not need a ground plane, radials or a complicated matching system. The J-Pole can be cheaply, simply and quickly constructed using a variety of techniques, some of which are discussed in this article. The figures give the details of the dimensions, components and construction. The dimensions aren't typical however, this is what it took to get its SWR low.

Make it cheap. This article includes homebrewing instructions, parts lists, tools needed and printable documentation. Parts used bought at home depot build time 1 hour. This article describes it. An excellent performing J-Pole type antenna, constructed from readily available materials. The Super-J has very little separation between the two half-wave radiators. This design is very rugged and can be built for a few dollars with most of the parts available at your local Home Depot.

Ham Radio operators review new sites every day sincefor potential inclusion in the Directory, and to evaluate the best place to list them. J Pole Building J-Pole amateur radio antennas. Operating Modes Operating Aids. CB Radio Antique Radio. Home : Antennas : J-Pole. Slim Jim antenna projects. Search only in "J Pole". Add a new link. The DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio, currently lists Add our Daily Top 10 links gadgets to your site.One place that I like to save is by constructing my own antennas.

When I was looking to set up my base station at home, I looked through all kinds of designs, and ended on this one, the Dual Band J-Pole.

I was wanting to get a few of these for other projects, so when I visited the site, there it was… plans for the J-Pole. So, I ordered the connector from American Radio Supplyand gathered the other parts, and went to the workbench. The plans are taken right from their website and included in the below picture gallery. Once everything was cut, threaded, assembled and deburred, I mounted it on an electrical conduit pole, and took some SWR measurements.

I tested my antenna on the local N4NRV input frequencies for our two repeaters. I was so pleased with my results that I purchased enough materials to construct another J-Pole for portable use.

This second one has a threaded section in the middle of the long element to allow disassembly, and easier transport see picture album. Later plan is to thread a hole in the base of the antenna to store the loose element for transport. You can bring your price per antenna down if you find 9 friends and go for the 10 pack! How does the J-Pole work? Continue until you have the required.

Dual Band J Pole 2M-70cm

After that, cut off the messy threads at the beginning put on a nut first to clean the threads up as you remove it after cutting. Only then, cut the rods to length. Buy some aluminum nuts and use those on the aluminum rods.

So use some silicone grease, or better still, Lanacote, on the threads to make them airtight.


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