Short film workshop

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Short film workshop

In this workshop, students make a narrative short film within a defined framework with a particular focus on using fiction to activate audiences through an organic integration of story, visuals, and performance for big impact, low cost filmmaking. This course is intended for students interested in furthering their cinematic narrative toolkit as part of their exploration of socially engaged storytelling across diverse practices and platforms.

The workshop emphasizes developing projects with practical considerations in mind and building from available resources to produce a finished fiction film within the creative, technical, and expressive range of IMA students. Students can develop original stories or base their films on adaptations of source material or actual events. Each student will make their own minute short film or two minute shorts within a limited budget. Students can also choose to work as part of a collaborative team.

Students should prepare two short film concepts for the first session. The course will also cover the components of cinematic craft that contribute to effective narrative shorts:. Narrative Short Film Workshop. Posted on by. IMA Number: Cinematic craft strategies to maximize the narrative impact of wardrobe, props, production design, sound recording, lighting, cinematography, editing and sound design. Tools for collaborating with actors to organically develop believable performances, including, casting, rehearsal, improvisation, blocking, and working with non-professional actors.

Techniques for adapting a screenplay for the screen including script analysis, previsualization, and shooting plans. Producing basics including script breakdown, scheduling, budgeting, clearance and copyright, agreements, unions, and insurance.

Permissions: Cleared after advisement with Program Coordinator. Press button to go to top of page.Participants will learn the history of filmmaking while creating their own short films.

Discussion : How the were films made and the power of moving images. Hands-on Project : telling a story in one shot, black and white, without sound.

The first week will be about pre-production planning; the second will be for shooting and reviewing the project.

Andyax Film Workshop 2019: Shooting a Short Film with Friends

What is its significance in storytelling? Participants will also learn basic scriptwriting. Stories will be simple, black and white without audio, and shots must be recorded sequentially. A Premiere Pro editing workshop will be offered the following week for those wanting to take the next step in digital non-linear editing.

After graduating, Dan took a part-time position reading hundreds of screenplays as a Screenplay Reader for Abbot Management, an agency based in New York and Los Angeles. The relatively few scripts Dan approved were passed on to producers. Following his stint with the infomercial production company, Dan worked for an organization that sold professional video production equipment and designed studio workflow systems for television stations in the New England Area.

He took this position to learn the more technical side of video production, and then began a successful freelance video editing career, serving many individual clients and production houses. In Dan produced with some friends a feature-length movie with a tiny budget.

During that summer he wrote the script, scouted locations, and assembled his actors for Joy and the Apocalypse. The film began principal production in the fall of and wrapped in late January of It was broadcast to a potential viewing audience of seven million in New England.

short film workshop

Today some people believe Joy and the Apocalypse is the greatest movie ever made. Next Arlington Center for the Arts 25th Anniversary.Hands-on Intensive 1-Week Filmmaking Workshop. Filmmaking School. In one short week, students are instructed in the basics of writing, directing, camera and digital editing, and each student writes, directs, shoots, and edits a short film project. The pace of this one-week course is feverish, and students must be prepared to live and breathe filmmaking for the length of their stay.

Curriculum The program begins with intensive study in camera, writing and directing. Then, students begin shooting their individual exercises. The end of the week is composed of editing class and post-production, ending with a final screening.

In the one-week workshop, each student writes, produces, directs, and digitally edits his or her own film on digital video, and rotates among crew positions when his or her classmates shoot. Equipment and Facilities Students use digital camerasportable Lowel lighting packages, and digital editing software. Classrooms are equipped with a television, DVD player, and video cameras for demonstration and screening of clips.

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Workshop Goal The one-week workshop was designed to serve the needs of a variety of students, yet through hands-on classes and exercises, all students gain an understanding of the requirements and rigors of filmmaking, as well as experience the exhilaration of seeing a completed project.

For some, the One-Week course is an opportunity to see if filmmaking is the appropriate craft for them. All students enrolling in the One-Week Filmmaking Workshop should be aware that this is an introductory course.

The limitations of a one-week course should be apparent, given that many people spend years studying film and perfecting their craft.

While the One-Week HD Filmmaking Workshop is not meant to be a substitute for longer-term programs, many students have made excellent projects and decided to pursue movie making in the future.

Topics covered include storyboarding, composition, camera movement, continuity, montage, pacing, and rhythm. Writing This course is designed to help students develop their scripts for their short films.

Students will be instructed in story structure, dramatic arc, creating characters, text and subtext, refining stories, and scriptwriting style.

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Project Advisement In this class each student pitches his or her project in front of his or her instructor and crew. Modeled after a professional pre-production meeting, Project Advisement gives student directors the chance to share their creative vision and solicit feedback on what would enhance their story while also being feasible given the limitations of their shooting schedule. Editing Editing is an art unto itself.

Workshop students will learn how to use the digital editing system, Avid Media Composer.

Short Courses

Each student edits his or her own film. Students are taught the fundamental concepts of film editing, both practical and aesthetic. The proper use of basic lighting instruments and their contribution to the image will be explored in class exercises and demonstrations. The students will also learn fundamental lighting techniques.

This varies depending on how much film they shoot and scale of the projects. Zip Code.So far, we have run six awesome years of the JFW Program, collaborating with film festivals from around the world.

Meet our inspiring alumni from the past six years, and hear what they had to say about their JFW experience. Dorit Inbar. Gal Greenspan. Roi Kurland. Roz Kaldor-Aroni.

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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. Maya Fischer. Mariana Krylov. Yoni Collins. Tamir Elterman. Originally from California, based in Tel Aviv. Yaniv Linton. Cinematography mentor. Films he shot won Emmy awards as well as international film festivals and Israeli film and television awards. Michal Weitrz. Michal Weits is an Israeli documentary director and producer. Former head producer of the leading Israeli documentary Channel 8; distributor; and founder of 'Tape Runners'-an independent production company which produced "WALL" - winner of DocAviv film festival.

Noy Barak. Head editor of Channel 10 News. JFW if looking to the future. See you in ! Everything you need to know. Boost your filmmaking skills and add a short film to your portfolio. Guaranteed screenings of your film in international film festivals. Connect with leading film industry professionals and mentors. Shmooz with fellow filmmakers from all over the world. Explore and enjoy magical locations all over Israel. Six unforgettable summers.

Our team. Staff and Film Counselor. Production Mentor. Editing Mentor. JFW participant on a morning hike in beautiful Masada. JFW teammates goofing off between shooting. Group day trip to the Temple Mount in Jerusalemalt text here.

Hands-on 6-Week Documentary Workshop

Teamwork makes the dream work on set in beautiful Ein Kerem. Teammates getting ready for their shoot day in the city cetner of Jerusalem. Group day trip to the Dead Sea and to explore Israel! Director, sound and cinematographer are all hands on deck during shooting.Hands-on 6-Week Documentary Workshop. Documentary School. This is an intensive program that combines in-class instruction and hands-on production workshops.

Learn to master the craft and put it into practice under the guidance of our expert instructors During the first two weeks, students learn the fundamental tools of documentary filmmaking. Classes include producing, directing, camera, lighting, sound recording, and editing. Students apply what they learn by creating two-minute individual observational films, and by producing two short group projects in production workshops. Following production and post-production of each project, students screen their work with their classmates and instructors and engage in critiques and discussion.

Throughout the session, each student devotes time to developing and pre-producing their final documentary in and outside the classroom—a film of up to eight minutes in length with at least two tracks of sound. Students crew on their classmates' documentary films. Projects are edited using digital editing software. Significant Production and Post-production hours outside of class time are necessary to successfully complete the workshop.

The Academy recognizes, as should the students, that these hours will vary from student to student, depending on the scope of each project. The fundamentals of developing, producing and directing a short documentary.

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Experience working as a director, producer, cinematographer, sound mixer, and editor on student productions. An in-depth experience working with digital video cameras and sound recording equipment. Sufficient mastery of digital editing software to edit a short film of up to 10 minutes in length. Sufficient knowledge of sound design, multiple track laying, and sound mixing to complete and enhance the final documentary. Knowledge of aesthetic film theory and documentary ethics, and experience with practical application of the same.

short film workshop

For complete details regarding these policies, please consult the Course Catalog. Additionally, students must fulfill all financial obligations to the New York Film Academy.

Narrative Short Film Workshop

The 6-Week Documentary Workshop is an accelerated full-time course of study and does not provide for multiple tracks of study. All courses are mandatory.Jump to navigation. This workshop explores the new and rapidly evolving field of wearable technology. Wearable technology encompasses electronic and mechanical devices integrated into fabrics, and flexible substrates that can be worn on the skin.

Applications include health monitoring and prosthetics, interactive wearable devices, and fashion. One aim of this workshop is to identify materials and interfacial engineering challenges associated with the development of these new technologies. Wednesday, Jan. This characterization workshop includes talks by technique experts CharFac technical staff members and external speakers presenting both basic principles of operation and applications pertinent to industry. Techniques will include elemental and chemical spectroscopy with mapping, X-ray and helium-ion scattering, scanning probe microscopy both force and vacuum-tunneling basedinstrumented nanoindentation and spectroscopic ellipsometry.

Characterization Facility Demonstrations Schedule. Thursday, Jan. Registrants may attend demos contingent on the logistics of handling the various attendees' interests, time constraints, and capacity for bodies in the various labs.

See Agenda. This workshop offers two mornings of seminars and two afternoons of demonstrations at CharFac and the Imaging Centers' various facilities. There is a fee to attend the afternoon demos and space is limited. Read More. Free Workshop: May 23, MENU menu. Workshops and Short Courses. How Do Coatings Respond to their Environment?

January 15, Read More. Free Workshop: May 23, Read More. Short Courses.Each participant shoots his or her own film. Covering screenwriting, directing, camera, editing and sound, the four-week summer workshops at Prague Film School are designed to lead the student from story idea to finished short film.

The first two weeks of the program are classroom-based — introducing the fundamentals of directing, screenwriting, editing, cinematography and sound while also prepping students for their end-of- workshop short film.

Each student writes and directs his or her own short while also working on other student productions in various crew capacities. The third week, students shoot their films.

short film workshop

The final week of the program, students edit their films, all of which are screened at a public cinema and reviewed by the faculty. Number of places is limited - apply ASAP to secure a place: go to application form download section.

Screenwriting A Confucian maxim holds that rotten wood can't be carved. Screenwriting classes instruct the most important aspects of dramatic writing in the context of film.

Organized around writing assignments, classroom critique and screenings, the sessions concentrate on such elements as structure, character, conflict and more. Directing While a quality screenplay provides the basis for a good film, it doesn't guarantee one. Directing is the art of translating a script to screen.

Knowing how to work with actors, work from a storyboard, and breakdown a scene is essential to film production. Here students receive instruction in directing short narratives, student-produced and other.

Principles of continuity, shot sequencing, and technical aspects related to cinematography are instructed. The intensive studio classes also cover composition, lighting, camera movement and camera operation. Editing This part of the program covers the aesthetic and technical aspects of editing. Understanding storytelling techniques and the basics of dramaturgy is necessary in furthering the creative vision of the director. Technical skills are taught using Avid editing tools: students learn to organize source footage, edit sync and non-sync material, trim sequences, edit audio, add effects, titles and more.

Sound Design Workshop The sound design workshop teaches the students to plan, record and edit sound in their films. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Read more.


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