Viber not opening on mac

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Viber not opening on mac

As you know, any app you have installed on your Android smartphone can start to act strangely, including Viber. Issues such as freezing and crashing are common, but with just a few simple workarounds you can eliminate this problem, and the app will work smoothly again. We know how much you love Viber and how annoying any issue that appears may be, so we have prepared a few potential solutions.

When having issues with any of your apps, one of the first things you need to do is to check if an update is available. To do that, open the Play Store application on your Android, tap on three horizontal lines to open the menu.

See if there is an update and if there is tap Install. The easiest way to free up the memory and get things in motion is by restarting your device. Your device will slow down, and the apps may start to misbehave.

So, press and hold the Power button and when the power menu appears, tap Restart. When it comes to apps issues, clearing the cache and data is among the most effective solutions. First remove Viber.

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After that, open the Play Store, type Viber in the search box, and install it again. I have had viber for 3yrs. I can get his viber phone call though.

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5 Ways To Fix Viber Problems On IPhone

Viber Tips and Tricks. How to Share Your Location on Viber. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Whatever I do, when startin Viber, the screem goes black.

How to block websites in Google Chrome. How to find duplicates in Excel. Ways to fix search problems in Windows Viber for Mac should work on OS X Here we look at a few ways to fix it plus we explain how to fix Viber activation code errors. You must then uninstall and reinstall Viber on your iPhone. This works for most people but not for others. If you still have problems with Viber not working on your Mac, try the following.

Reopen Viber and it should work. You can then reactivate Viber. Browse to the Info. The reason for this is that you probably have an older version of Viber installed on your mobile. You must make sure that you have the latest version of Viber on your mobile phone in order to receive the activation code for the Viber. Simply select the country where you live so that the correct flag shows next to the number.

Other problems users have related to Viber for Mac are usually due to outdated operating systems.

viber not opening on mac

There is no such thing as Viber for Mac If you try to open it on OS X So the solution in most other cases is simply to to make sure you are running OS X You must make sure that you have the latest version of Viber on your mobile phone in order to receive the activation code for the Viber for Mac download.

I have the same issue. The activation code is not sent to my mobile. I tried several times. I have an Iphone 4 with Viber latest version. I need help. I have No matter how much I click. I uninstalled it and installed it again and still, nothing.Viber is one of the most popular apps used for free messages and calls.

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The app is, of course, available for iPhone users as well. From time to time, you may experience certain issues when using it, such as random crashes, freezing issues, etc. In this article, we prepared 5 ways to fix Viber on iPhone, so feel free to check them out, because they are simple and effective, and you will get rid of the issue in no time with ease.

You can try to fix the problem by restoring Viber defaults. To do that, open the Viber app on your device and open the menu, tap Settings and then tap Restore Viber defaults. Reinstall was the key in many cases. Tap on the app icon on the Home screen, and when you see the little red cross, tap on it. The app will be deleted. Go to the Apple Store, download and install Viber again. If the previous solutions were not helpful reboot your device. Repeat the action after a couple of seconds, and turn it back on.

If your device is not upgraded to the newest iOS version, maybe that is causing the problem. As always, before you start with updating, make sure to back up all your files. The simplest way to perform the task is to do it wirelessly. Connect your iPhone to a power source, and go to Settings, click on General, then on Software Update. Choose Download and Install. With these 5 ways to fix Viber on iPhone the problem with crashes or freezing will be gone.

How to Resolve Activation Issues

Make sure to report these issues to Viber. As the latest option, you can try erasing all content and settings, but in most cases, the presented solutions will fix the problem. Share Tweet. Source: idelaney. Ways to fix search problems in Windows Leave a Reply Cancel reply. How to find duplicates in Excel. How to make your own emoji on iPhone.The all-round problem fixer for Mac. So here's a tip for you: Download CleanMyMac to quickly solve some of the issues mentioned in this article.

Rakuten continued to improve and strengthen the platform, with growth continuing after it was acquired. Not long before Viber joined the Rakuten family of companies, they released web-based versions so that users could continue to message and make calls using PCs and Macs.

To download and install Viber on your Mac, you need to have an active Viber account and app installed on your phone iOS or Android. Follow the steps below to install Viber on your Mac. Viber will then send a text with an activation code to confirm the final stage of the setup process. Enjoy the benefit of Viber on your Mac for sending messages and calls. What happens if you want to uninstall Viber, or it stops working? We've got you covered in those situations too. If you are no longer using Viber - or any app - the best thing to do is to uninstall it.

Sometimes, if an app isn't working, uninstalling and installing again can be the most effective way to fix it. There are two ways to do this.

Either uninstall Viber manually, going to the Applications folder and dragging Viber into the Trash. Once you've done that, make sure to remove any shortcut icons on your desktop or Dock, then empty the Trash. Here is how you use it:. Just select the box next to the Viber icon and select Reset from the drop-down menu. The app will run smoothly after the reset. How To. Blog How To News Reviews. Hit Return or Enter to search. How to use Viber on Mac?

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MacPaw uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our cookie policy. Click here to learn more.Given the magnitude of its users, Viber is another fast-growing smartphone app that enables free calls, sending of pictures, video messages and much more. The app is easy to work with and you only need your phone number to get started. However, sometimes it may not appear as easy as you think. Several users have reported hitch-ups of Viber not working on iPhone even after a successful download.

The common issues include:.

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Effective communication should end up with some feedback. This explains why Viber notifications not working can be an impending thing to wind up a proper communication.

When Viber doesn't ring on iPhone, there is no way you will know that some message has arrived or whether a friend is trying to reach you. When you cannot send or receive your messages then this is an indication that your Viber app functionality is deteriorating. You need to do a few fixing from your settings page.

If this solution does not solve the Viber not receiving messages or Viber message not delivered problem, then you can refresh your iPhone by a simple restart. Your important Viber messages are lost after fixed Viber messages not showing problem?

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No worries. This tool has a high success rate, supporting over 20 data types including Viber messages, imessages, text messages, contacts, photos, videos, reminders, photos and many more. It will also enable you to preview your data before you retrieve them. Unnecessary disruptions can be so annoying especially when you are in the middle of an important conversation.

However, you should be in a position to know whether it is a power disruption or not.

viber not opening on mac

Head on to your Wi-Fi connection and confirm that it is rightfully connected and working. In the event that the internet connection is up and running although the Viber app continues to disconnect abruptly, head on to fix the Viber service.

Fixed: Viber won’t open on Mac

There are those times when you check out for contacts but wonder where probably they might have disappeared to. Well, Viber app usually syncs with your phone's contacts and that is the reason why you can access any number that is on your contacts list via Viber.

However, this may not be the case especially when Viber not working iPhone problem is at hand. This then indicates that the sync functionality is facing some disruptions. Don't worry though, just follow these steps to fix it. You should understand that as long as your Viber app is running in the background, it will always portray that it is online.

viber not opening on mac

By this, you are able to receive calls, messages and other data from friends as long as both of you are connected via Viber. In this a scenario, you need to change your online status. What is the beauty of a Smartphone anyway?

I guess it is the capability to do more than our traditional phones, such as video calling. Though sometimes, the problem escalates from Viber free call not working, to iPhone camera not being able to connect to the camera on Viber.

Follow these steps for a quick fix.Viber is completely matched up to your PC and PC. You can see every one of your messages and calls, and talk with them straightforwardly from your work area or Android tablet. Keeping in contact has never been simpler.

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Viber Messenger. Developer: Viber Media S.Phone must be numbers only without leading zeros. How can we help? Sorry, we couldn't find any results for that query. Please try a new one! Try using different search terms or browse the categories.

On this page we give advice about the most common activation issues faced by new users on Viber. Phone number not accepted. Make sure you have a carrier-based phone number. Viber does not work on VOIP phone numbers. Check you have put your phone number correctly: Do you have the right number of digits? Have you taken out the first zero 0? No code. Have a friend call you or send you an SMS to check that your phone is working Try switching between Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G If you have been trying to activate by call, try getting a message instead If you have been trying to receive an activation message, try getting a call instead Are you abroad?

Read more about what to do. Incorrect code. Double check you have typed the right number in If you've tried activating 3 times, wait 24 hours and try again Try activating by call instead. No more code attempts left. You can only make three requests for an access code. If you need more tries, wait 24 hours and request another code. Please note that you can only receive an activation call once in 24 hours.

viber not opening on mac

Automatic callback. Automatic callback is another way to get your verification code through a call from our automated system. You can only use this method once in 24 hours. Activating Viber from abroad. You will need to turn roaming on temporarily to receive the activation SMS or call. On Android:.


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